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Why You Should Rekey Your House.

So You have a new house. Exciting right? Well, you are all excited to have it painted and a few things done, like your floors, paint, counters etc. etc. You hand out some keys, or hide a key and tell you contractors where to look. Herein lies the problem, people are not honest. No surprise, but you still do not give that key a second thought. You do not rekey after all the work is done and you move in. After a few weeks you notice things missing and some strange things out of place. I know the story all too well, after all, I am a locksmith. A lot of the excitement is lost because you were burglarized.

This scenario can be avoided by our locksmith rekey the house after all the work is done and BEFORE you move in. Insuring no one has keys or there are no stray keys running around. Most of all it gives you piece of mind and security in your new home. Another important tidbit of info would be to install a keyless deadbolt. These locks are extremely useful when you need to let someone in and your not there. Why? Because you can give them a guest code to use and then delete it after it is used. Wow! That simple, and you don't have to pay a locksmith or buy new locks to ensure safety and security. Even if the house is BRAND NEW... rekey! You do not k

Locksmith Rekey House Service.

now who the builder gave keys to to do work on the new home. You can NEVER be TOO careful.

Lastly, people know when your moving in, and I do not mean your neighbors. Crooks ride around just looking for the movers. They slide in unnoticed and just walk off with stuff, and you think you lost something and blow it off as a lost item. One great word of advice. If you have not invited someone to your home, then DO NOT let them in your home.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS ask for I.D and know who your dealing with. Do not settle for, " well I was told to come by and check your filters and fittings." I mean really? Yes! They have that kind of gall and are that brave. Crooks play on you just not knowing.

So always ask questions and always ask for I.D's.

I hope this gives a little insight on the way I see things for home owners. I am not out to talk you into using Lock Monkeys locksmith services. I want to bring awareness to the things I see and hear about. Heck, go buy new locks with new keys. As long as your safe and sound in your home... that is what matters. Our locksmith service will come out and do a walk-through for free and give advice on affordable ideas that can give you added security.

Our main goal is your safety and your piece of mind, and often times that may just be bringing awareness to what you didn't know. The best line of defense is knowing. Those who do not have a clue are often times taken advantage of and never knew it.

Have a blessed day and congrats on your knew home. Now make it all you ever wanted and safe for you and yours. Call Lock Monkeys Locksmith service any time and ask for Mr. Monkey! That's Me, George.

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