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Residential Locksmith Service


Locked out of the house or office? It's very frustrating to be locked out, and sometimes dangerous. Lock Monkeys residential service is there to help you when you get locked out. If you are locked out of the house, we can unlock your house or office very quickly. Our Express Lockout Team of locksmiths can be at your location in 15 - 20 minutes in most cases. They are licensed, insured & bonded locksmiths, who know how to pick locks or bypass lock systems. All locksmiths have had background checks and are fingerprinted.

We can change your locks, re-key locks - repair locks - install locks & service all your lock and key needs.

Locked out? Need a locksmith?
Unlock House


Being locked out is not a great feeling! Our local locksmiths know what they are doing. They can get you in quickly and are reliable, honest locksmiths that work with you.

We can unlock your house, re-key the house, change locks and install new locks that offer the best security for you and your belongings.

Often, being locked out of the house can lead you to call the first locksmith that pops up on the phone, tablet or laptop. Be very careful, a lot of locksmith scams and fraud happen this way. They take advantage of you being locked out and   over charge you and can often damage your door or lock. Always look for the locksmiths ID Badge, ALWAYS sign agreement for cost FIRST. Don't settle because you are frustrated about being locked out of house. 


Damage free entry! We pick locks and service locks at the same time.
We Pick Locks, We Don't Drill Them


9 times out of 10, locks can be picked. I have seen some locksmiths use an air bag or most often say, "You have a high security lock, so we have to drill out the lock". This will cost you more money. If a locksmith pulls out a drill first, to unlock your house door, then that should throw up a red flag. Most house doors are a grade 2 lock. Meaning, it is easily picked by a professsional locksmith. Drilling locks is NOT what we do unless the lock is damaged or in very bad shape to start with, but, we always pick the house lock first. Don't trust just any locksmith with your house locks and don't trust any locksmith service that tells you its a $19 service call and "STARTING AT" $29. A locksmith for house lockouts know what it's going to cost, and, should be able to give a pice over the phone. A normal house lockout should run around $75 - $100, depending on time of day & holidays.

Our Locksmiths Can Re-key Your Locks Or Change Locks.
Keyless Entry Lock Installed
Re-Key Service and Change Locks
Lock Monkeys Rekey & Change Locks Service, can rekey your house or office to match your other locks or make a new key. There is no need to buy new locks that can be rekeyed to your house. It is easier to keep up with one key that unlocks all your house locks and it is convient for you and can save you money.
If you have bought a new house you may want to re-key the house to a new key. You never know who has a key to your new house... even if its brand new. If you are getting divorced or separated, it is a really good idea to re-key the house or change locks. There are many reasons to re-key a house or change locks, whatever the cause, we can help.
We also install electric deadbolts & keypads. If you need a home locksmith security specialist to come out and check your locks for upgrades or ideas on security measures, then we are the ones to call.
We Can Save You Time And Money. Don't Waste Time On Scammers.
Illegal Locksmiths

Protect your money, you work hard for it! Being locked out should not cost you a ton of money.

Unfortunately scams do happen because your locked out of your house. It is costly, and these locksmiths prey on you and con you into thinking you need them and no one else will do it cheaper. Look at it like this, you have control of your money and time, you decide what is best... not them. They use pressure tactics and can often times demand a service call. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY A SERVICE CALL! Thats right, if you have not agreed or signed anything, you don't have to pay a service call to someone that is not licensed, bonded or legitimate.

If you feel you have been scammed, call Lock Monkeys! Or read our Blog. We have a department that can assist you in reporting the scam/con-artist, to police and we take it beyond that, reporting to NCLLB, ALOA & Attorneys General office.

Don't sit back and say nothing can be done, because it can.

  • Change Locks 
  • Re-key Locks
  • Unlock House

  • Unlock Office

  • Emergency Lockout Service

  • Repair Locks

  •  Install New Locks

  • Electric Deadbolts

  • Keyless Entry

  • 24 Hour Locksmith

Rekey Service and repair service for all major brands of locks.
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