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Commercial Locksmith Service


Lock Monkeys Commercial Services provide comprehensive locksmith service for small business and commercial applications. Our professional locksmiths are insured, bonded & certified locksmiths with full background checks, instilling confidence and security for you and your company. Our customer service is a step above our competitors, always putting you first. We can set up a master key system, re-key offices or store fronts, install new locks or change locks to a key way that can not be duplicated at any hardware store, which is always a good idea to have keys exclusive to commercial businesses so employees can not duplicate your keys anywhere.

Commercial Lever Locks & Deadbolts
Commercial Re-key Service & Repair
Panic Bar installation & Repair, Re-key Service
Commercial Lever Locks

Our professional locksmiths can install or re-key commercial grade locks and IC Core locks for your business. These locks and keys are exclusive to locksmiths, so the key cannot be duplicated at a hardware store. IC Core locks are great for business. Why? When you need them re-keyed, a new core can easily be removed & installed without lock disassembly. They are very resistant to picking and bypassing, insuring the highest security.
Mortise Locks


This is the most common store front lock used today. These locks can also be keyed to an exclusive key way, insuring security, so that no one, other than the owners or managers, can have a key made or re-keyed without a locksmith. These locks are also very easily serviced.

Proper installation is very important. Our professional locksmith can change locks or re-key these locks. They save you time and money. It is important to have them serviced at least twice a year to ensure screws and lock set screws have not come loose.


Panic Bar Service and Installation


Lock Monkeys also, install and service panic bars and exit devices. We are able to re-key and change lock cylinders for this device. They do require a little more time to service and install, but are great for doors that have a lot of traffic. They can be locked in the open position or set to operate only as an exit way and/or locked against anyone coming in unannounced. The can also be re-keyed or change locks to an exclusive key way only available to locksmiths. They do require maintenance more often because of heavy use or traffic. Most businesses do not have a routine service on their locks, this can cause issues in the most inconvenient of times.

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