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Summer Security Tips

Locksmith Vaction Tips

Top Summer Security Tips

It is summer time! WOOHOO! Right? Well, it can be all too easy to become a little complacent in securing your home or vehicles. The crafty burglars will be on the move in the warm weather and take advantage of your relaxed security. Let me give an example, a lot of cases of summer time burglary involve an individual entering your home through a unlocked front door while you all are in their back yard having a good time.

As a matter of fact, a large number of break-ins or the quick snatch and grabs that take place this time of year gain entry to a home or building through unlocked windows and doors, most often at the rear of the property. But, you can prevent burglars by taking a few steps to insure your safety:

  • Say you need to make a quick run to the store... Don't leave the door unlocked. Those not so familiar people you saw walking around earlier may be looking for this type of action or thinking. Make sure all your windows and doors are securely closed and locked when you are out of the house. Buying simple door chimes can also help in hearing an intruder.

  • During those gorgeous hot summer nights, some southerners, leave windows open when they sleep letting in fresh air and saving on the electric bill, you can fit window stops in place very easily ensuring that there is not a large enough space a burglar can access through. Drilling a small hole about 8 - 10 inches above a closed window and inserting any object than can prevent a window from being opened further is a great security feature, even for pets. Inserting a nail or a metal peg can do the job for this cheap and easy tip.

  • Never leave your valuables open or easily in reach of open windows or doors.

  • If you are in the back yard, Lock all the doors and windows in the front of the house, even close the garage. Burglars and thieves are opportunists and will jump at a quick picker upper and can get into your home/garage and take valuable items in just seconds without you ever noticing until its too late.

  • Put the spot light on that burglar! Light up the night with motion lights. The new LED lights are awesome. They even have a LED light that is so bright its like daylight. I have one, its called daylight... I think.

  • MOST OF ALL! DON"T ADVERTISE YOUR VACATION DATES!!!! Tell people about it or Facebook about it, AFTER the vacation. Only let a select few people know your vacation plans so they can keep a watch on things.

  • If you are leaving town for a long vacation, call you local police or sheriffs department and let them know. They can put you on a list for a drive by. How cool is that for peace of mind?

  • And make sure your locks are in great working condition. Or call us and we can come out and check them for you... if your local to Fort Mill - Tega Cay or Indian Land, that service is free!

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