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Safe Repair - Safe  Services - Safe Lockout
Lock Monkeys Safe Services Provide Combo Changes, Safe Repair, & Annual Safe Maintenance.

        Lock Monkeys safe techs have attended Lock Masters Institute in Kentucky for safe training manipulation, safe servicing & safe entry. Lock Monkeys safe technicians take the time needed to understand the issues commonly faced with servicing and safe opening issues. We pride ourselves in providing the client with complete understanding of what has been done or needs to be done to ensure minimal chances of safe lockouts and problems. We open locked safes and we open damaged safe or touchpad repair. 

       In some cases, the user, has just missed dialed the safe combo. Lock Monkeys will try and talk the customer through common issues over the phone before a safe technician is sent out. Since safe work can be costly in  some cases, we try to keep costs of safe work to a minimum.

       Customer service is our top priority. So it is important to make sure our clients are provided with the best experience possible. 

Taking the time to make sure all needs have been met before we leave is critical.  So, asking questions and listening is imperative to both the client and our safe techs.

       Gun safe lockouts are a common safe call. We do not damage the safe and the gun safe is still able to be used and repaired.

Lock Monkeys Safe service is local to Fort Mill and surrounding areas, providing a safe locksmith near you. Why pay more. Call today and save.

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