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Illegal Locksmiths Play On Other Locksmtihs

Some illegal locksmith companies willpose as other locksmiths and use their name as their own to try and fool you or destroy a local honest locksmiths reputation.

The best way to know is to call and talk with the locksmith you want to use. Ask questions, feel them out and read their reviews on google, yelp and facebook. A real local locksmith keeps up with his pages and listings and follows up on posts and replies back to reviews.

Be careful in using $15 locksmiths. Most are bait and switch scam artists. They are unlicensed, not bonded or fingerprinted and some even have convictions. So ask yourself, who are you allowing to unlock your house or car? Is it really worth taking a risk just because your frustrated and in a hurry? These are things a illegal locksmiths preys on. Don't be scammed or put at risk b/c of your mistake and don't be taken advantage of b/c of that mistake.

Lock Monkeys is licensed - bonded - insured - fingerprinted and have had background checks through the NCLA and ALOA associations. We are honest and trustworthy, oldfashioned locksmiths with core values who put our customers first and their concerns as our top priority.

Call anytime for that true locksmith experience.

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