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Locking Your Home & Vacation



Front door with glass:

A common way to enter a home is to break a

glass window near a door and simply reach

in to unlock the door. A double cylinder dead-

bolt, or a special deadbolt that has a

removable thumbturn, can offer protection

against this type of entry.

Front door without glass:

A heavy-duty tubular deadbolt or mortise lock provides great

protection on a front door so long as it has at least a 1” bolt and

can provide protection against picking, drilling, and other

forms of physical attack.

Garage door:

Be sure to put a deadbolt on the door between

your garage and home as many garage doors

are easily opened by errant radio signals.

Review the suggestedrequirements for the front

door to determinethe type of deadbolt to use.

Securing windows:

Windows should be secured with either

locking hardware that utilizes a key for operation

or with removable pins so that a burglar cannot

easily force the window open.

You can read More about prevention at the National Crime Prevention Site.

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