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Don't Be Scammed!


Too many people are over paying and being scammed by locksmiths. I am still having people ask me about what it should cost for this or that. Best advice I can give is this;

1 ask about price upfront. Yes prices can change from time to time for unseen problems. But if your told 185$ for a car key and then when their done they tell you 100$ extra for programming, that is a scam. You should have been told the extra cost BEFORE job starts.

2 Don't fall for extra fees on key codes.

Yes sometimes it is necessary but not needed most of the time. Lock Monkeys locksmiths 95% of the time decode locks on sight without the need for a code call in. This saves you money!

3 if a lockout service says a lock can't be picked... Question it and ask for a second opinion. Unless it's a kwikset smart key... They can be read with a special tool so you don't have to drill the lock and get a new one.

4 READ REVIEWS! YES REVIEWS CAN BE BOUGHT but you can usually tell if there fake. And if you call a locksmith and they are a call center, most likely they are overseas and are scammers. You will either pay too much or get damge from a untrained locksmith wannabe.

5 NEVER give a credit payment before locksmith shows up.

6 if they demand cash...REDFLAG!!

7 If a locksmith is argumentative... don't use them. If they demand a service fee for a lockout service... your paying too much! There is no law that says you have to pay a service fee for a locksmith that changed price on you when they showed up. That is called bait and switch and it's NOT LEGAL!

8 DONT BE AFFRAID TO SAY NO! Some people are intimidated by a mean locksmith and/or bullied into paying or using their service.

9 ask for ID. They should be IDing you so ID them and ask who they work for and ask for a business card. ALWAYS KNOW WHO YOUR DEALING WITH.

10 Why pay more with all the drama?! Call Lock Monkeys and save. 803-636-6337

Have blessed day and call anytime. Even if you have a question.


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