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Locksmith Scam

It is once again the time if year that all the illegal, fake, YouTube wannabe locksmiths come out of the mud. They are a sad excuse for a real legitimate, trained and educated locksmith company.

1st - this is a terrible scam on people but people fall for it constantly. Price changes from 29 or 39 dollars to several hundred. Or the locksmith is not insured and damages your stuff and can't fix it. Leaving you with a big bill and a problem.

2 - This is the LATEST scam I have seen of late. The locksmith quoted $185 for a car key, the customer agrees, they come out and make the key but then charge an extra $100 to program. This is a scam.

We charge 165 to $185 for a standard chipped key. PERIOD! That's right no hidden fees. Unless you have a push to start and need a Fob or a fobx key. The only other way the price would change is if an unforseen problem like a bad ignition or the like was found to be a problem.

REMEMBER, only you can save yourself from being scammed. READ REVIEWS! Check for insurance. Check to make sure there website is a real working site. Not a generic one.

Most of all... go with your gut. I know its a tough time with rising prices. Don't waste your money on scams. You don't deserve it.

So why pay more? Call Lock Monkeys locksmiths today and save at 803-636-6337.


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