Safe Service & Safe Maintenance

Safe service and maintenance is a service that can save a safe owner from paying more than was necessary if a safe service was used as a last resort. I recommend a safe be serviced a minimum of twice a year if the safe is used regularly.

Too often a safe service call is used as a last resort and the owner ends up paying a lot more money.

Here are a few tips to help save a safe owner a few bucks.

  • Check and change Batteries on the key pads at least twice a year.

  • Check batteries for corrosion.

  • Don't slam a dial on a safe hard when turning

  • NEVER use lube on a dial or safe latch housing

  • Never try to force a safe open. This can fire the relockers inside a safe and cost you a lot more money to open.

  • Never take apart safe components and think YouTube can help you save money.

  • Always use a qualified Safe technician that's been fingerprinted, insured, and educated in the field of safe work.

  • And lastly, get the safe that is needed for what you use it for. A safe that is needed for paperwork is a totally different safe than is needed for firearms or other materials. Just because a safe says it is fire RATED doesn't mean its fire PROOF. Research what type of safe you need and it may save you a lot of time and money later.

If you need help with a safe or getting a safe, feel free to call Lock Monkeys Lock and safe service.

Why pay more? Call today and save at 803-636-6337.

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