Quick And Easy... The Crooks Way.

It is not a great feeling to have your home invaded. It shatters your security and trust in your home, it rips away your comfort and replaces it with insecurity. A house is not invaded just at night, it is also invaded during the day when you go to the store for what you think will be 5 minutes. If your home is being watched, like some seniors I know have been, they will rush up with a Credit Card and slip that lock open and are in and out in under a minute. ALWAYS lock the deadbolt even if you leave for a second or talking the dog for a walk.

Most people and their habits can be learned very easily. So keep people guessing , always be mindful of your surroundings, close all doors and your garage even when you walk the dog. If you do not leave a opening to be a victim, you won't be. If you want us to come out and do a walk-through or rekey your home, call us at 803-636-6337.

We are your local trusted locksmith. I grew up here and love Fort Mill. Even in the locksmith field there are crooks. So always ask for a I.D and License info. Don't settle. Only you can protect you and your stuff.

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lockmonkeys.com is a licensed/certified locksmith company.  

Lock Monkeys Locksmiths are insured - bonded & we require all locksmiths to have full background checks, and are fingerprinted for the safety of our customers and clients. We hold all locksmiths accountable to their skills and require locksmiths to be fully insured and bonded as well as being associated with NCLA.

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