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Trusting A Local Locksmith

When you call a locksmith, you are trusting them with getting into, or securing, what is yours. You are, in a sense, having faith that your going to be OK in the hands of a stranger and that is where the problem is b/c in today's society you can't trust everyone, you can't have faith in everyone and you can't put your self in jeopardy. Yet, everyday people call a locksmith to unlock something or fix their locks. If you trust just any locksmith, then you are jeopardizing you security. Slow down and look at who your calling. Some locksmiths rob you and you allowed it b/c you just didn't know any better and you trusted that they are who they say they are... a professional. Some locksmith take advantage of your situation and charge way too much for their con-artist services b/c you trust them in what you don't know. If your locked out of your house and they say they have to drill... well, you can do that so why pay someone else for what you can do yourself. Drilling is easy. You called a locksmith to be a locksmith and apply his skills as a locksmith. Sometimes it would have been cheaper for you to break a window and repair. That is not what locksmithing is all about. True locksmiths learn their skills and get trained to do what you cannot. And b/c you don't know any better and believe the shady locksmith... you get taken advantage of. Is that fair? A shady locksmith is no different than a guy on the corner selling candles for $10 a piece after a bad storm. That is wrong and against the law. It's just harder for a shady locksmith to get caught. You can actually call the law on a locksmith that has overcharged you in your time of need and make a report. Something can be done and sometimes you can even get refunded the amount you over paid. But you have to report it. Never use a locksmith that cannot provide a name and phone number on the receipt. NEVER sign a agreement of work until you agree on a price and listen to your gut feeling. Only you can prevent being taken advantage of. You can report scams to local news stations (They Love This Stuff), ALOA, NLA, NCLA, Attorney's General Office and the police. Once a case file reaches a noticeable size of complaints, then the law can do something about it and start looking into it. So, slow down in your time of need and just don't jump into something b/c your tired or frustrated, that makes you vulnerable and easily fooled. Ask questions, if they can't give you a quote over the phone on cost, ask why not? There is no such thing as a "special lock". A locksmith should know their job and their own rates. If they don't, well... I would question their integrity. If you need advice or have questions, you can always call Lock Monkeys. We are not "just" locksmiths, we are part of the community that cares about your safety and your security. So, be aware of "starting at pricing" on lockouts and be careful with those $19 or $15 service call ads. Most are the setup for bait and switch tactics. Hope you have a blessed day and remember... Be safe, be secure and always lock those deadbolts. Call anytime at 803-636-6337.

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