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Deadbolts Are For Security

Lock Monkeys recently was given a sheet of break-ins oround our area and about 70% of the invasions were NO FORCED ENTRY. In some of the cases the home owner had only left the home to run to the store or their daily walk around the block or even their daily run. Some of the items stolen were weapons, laptops, T.V's, jewlery and other easy to grab items.

If you leave your home, or car, for just a few minutes it can result in something going missing. You put yourself at risk everytime you leave your property unlocked. Door knobs are very easy to by-pass. It is very important that you lock your deadbolt or car. It only takes seconds to engage a deadbolt. Are deadbolts 100% thief proof, no. But it will take longer to get past a deadbolt than a door knob and most thieves won't risk being seen since most home invasions happen during the day. Deadbolts are the ideal way to better secure your home.

A lot of newer homes are going to keyless door knobs and only keyed deadbolts.

Also, never leave items you value visble in your car. I have even seen walk-by snatch and grabs in parking lots. So like the York County Sheriiffs sticker says... Lock It Or Loose It.

If you would like more tips or just have questions, you can always call us at 803-636-6337.

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