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Lock Monkey Tip Of the Day

Want to save a little extra money? If you get locked out your house or even locked out of your car, then this little trick could save you time & money.

Get your house key and car key decoded and write the number down and keep it in your wallet or purse.

Having the code to your keys can save you time and money.

Having the key code can also save you money when you have lost your keys and can save a lot of time when you need it the most. A legitimate locksmith can easily cut you a new key and give it to you. If a locksmith says he can't cut you a key from your code, then you probably have a locksmith poser right in front of you! So, be sure to always call a certified, insured and bonded locksmith that is local. Lock Monkeys is always ready to help you and we are local trusted locksmiths. Call today at 803-636-6337. You can also find us on YELP and the Yellow Pages.

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