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Love Your Locks!

Being Secure is in your hands and it begins with you. So look at your locks and ask..."Do I love my locks?" I come across so many neglected locks that have never been lubed, serviced, or even cleaned. The very thing that keeps you safe in your home should be at the top of the spring cleaning list. It only takes a little bit of time to service your locks or have someone check them and treat them yearly.

So far this year I have serviced a lot of locks that were never serviced and finally just failed and locked people out, or in. Small parts in a lock can crack and jam up, which can be costly to repair or replace. Buying cheap locks can cost you more in the long run. Not servicing locks can cost you dearly in the later years.

Call lock Monkeys to come out and check your locks and your deadbolts. We will service your locks and deadbolts and check the deadbolt screws to insure they have been installed correctly with 3" screws as well as check the back set to make sure locks are engaging all the way.

A simple way to check deadbolts is to open the door and lock the deadbolt and then push on the bolt. If the bolt does not retract then it is fully engaged. Pay attention to the thumb lever position when the door is open and locked. When you close the door and lock it again, pay attention to where the lock thumb lever or key stops. Did it stop in the same place? If it stops even less than 1/16 of an inch shorter the lock is not fully engaged and can be pushed back easily. This little oversight can result in a break-in.

Hope you have a great day! Be safe, be secure and always lock those deadbolts.

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