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Community Watch

I have met several people and leaders with some great community watch locals. First let me thank each of you for the services you provide for your community. It is important to stay on top of these programs and it is a lot of work.

Some community watch programs however, do not meet regularly and do not stay up to date on crime in the area surrounding them as they should. Even Our local Churches need to improve on security and update their locks to keep crime at bay. Churches are becoming targets at a growing rate. We recommend your house, business, or Church have a assessment done. This will bring awareness about your weak spots and areas that are vulnerable.

Lock Monkeys can assist you by coming out to do a walking through of the residence or business. We can give you ideas and reveal places or locks that need immediate attention.

Some precautions to take are below.

1- Never walk out to your car alone at night. This applies mostly to apartments, businesses, condo's, parking decks and communities with a high population.

2- Always check and double check car doors, house doors and store front doors you have locked.

3- If you need a locksmith, try to have someone with you when they arrive at night. It is hard to trust anyone these days, including 24 hour services. And NEVER fall for starting at pricing, or that "$19 Service call scam."

4- Install a sensor flood light at back door and front doors. This is a easy and an affordable way to add to your security.

5- Make sure your locks and deadbolts are in good working condition. Most deadbolts installed today are not installed correctly. An easy way to check deadbolts is to unscrew one of the screws on the deadbolt catch on the frame of door, if it is less than 3 inches long then it needs to be corrected and have proper screws installed.

6- NEVER have a thumb turn deadbolt near a window. They can break, or cut a small hole in glass to reach in and turn latch to open.

The list goes on and on, but I think you get the picture.

If you have a community watch program and want us to come out and bring awareness to the community and the teams, call us to set up an appointment. There is no charge for this service. We want to help you stay safe and secure. We can bring models of locks, explain how not to become a victim of scams, how to recognize if someone has tried to get in your home and much more. The best way to not become a victim is to be aware of what tactics are used to commit them.

Stay safe, be secure and always lock those deadbolts.

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