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It Cost How Much? How To Quickly Spot A Scamming Locksmith.

The best way is to listen and ask questions. They don't like that. Don't settle for "STARTING AT" prices. If they are a legal locksmith, they know how much a car lock usually costs. I mean really, don't they do it for a living? A legitimate legal locksmith will take time to answer questions, b/c they care.

  • Listen to how they talk to you, don't trust dispatch centers... most are out of country.

  • Do they sound knowledgable?

  • AND NEVER TRUST A LOCKSMITH THAT SAYS THEY HAVE TO DRILL YOUR LOCK! 99% of residential locks can be picked. Sure some are not pickable... But, did the locksmith even try?

  • Pay attention.

  1. Did the locksmith ask for your ID & registration. Or, proof you live there?

  2. Did he write a reciept and have you sign it.... you should know price BEFORE he unlocks your car or home.

  3. Did he act strange? Or was the call strange?

I come across it everyday! I am often stunned by what people tell me they paid for their last lockout. But, it's ultimately up to you to accept a scam or to allow yourself to be scammed.

Call a Lock Monkey! Professional, local, family owned and operated. Insured, bonded and all locksmiths have had a BACKGROUND check.

We are not just your local Fort Mill Locksmith, we are legal and operate by the standards and laws that apply to the art. We really do care about security and customer relations. We take time with you, we answer questions, give advice and recommendations.

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