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Crime Prevention. How Safe is Your Home?

A growing trend in home invasion is catching on more and more. What is it? It's called "bumping". Simply put, it is a technique used by burglars to get into your home without signs of entry. How can you prevent it and protect against this attack?

Bump keys are keys that have a depth cut to specific depths. Used in the right way, it can open your lock in seconds. Scary, right? And it should make you nervous. Why? Because if you are being watched by a thief, as soon as you leave he is in and out before you even realize it. In a lot of cases, you will not even know you were burglarized until it's too late. By then all evidence of finger prints and clues are long gone. Thats because they target the things you do not use or pay attention to daily. Like jewelry. In yet other cases, the burglary was done by someone you know or someone that was in your house and scoped you out without you even knowing it.

There is hope though. Bump proof locks. Medco, biolocks, keyless entry locks, high security Schlage locks and of course the alarm system. The only down side to alarm systems that I have found is, if the burglar knows what they want, and knows where it can be found... then they can be in and out before police can get there. It only takes seconds to grab a jewelry box, small safes, pain pills and etc, etc.

Installing the right locks can be more expensive, but they insure your security and safety.

Calling a locksmith to help protect you against home invasion is a start. But, it's ultimately comes down to you and how seriously you take the safety of you home. You can also visit, the national crime prevention council to learn more.

Also, check with your insurance policy to see what is covered, how you are covered and what discounts you may earn for installing high security locks. Not all insurance policies pay you back without proof of home being locked. The proof can be easy when you have installed a self locking deadbolt, keyless entry deadbolts and the like.

Take your security seriously. Call a professional locksmith company, like Lock Monkeys, to come out and give you ideas on the right locks to use. Our locksmiths are insured - bonded & have full background checks. Background checks are important because it insures you are getting a trusted locksmith with a clean record.

We also offer car key replacement, Express Lockout Service, Re-key Service, Master Key Service & much more. Call today for details.

Be safe, Be secure and always lock that deadbolt.

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