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Summer Vehicle Break-Ins

Summer is in full swing and so are the thieves. People leave their windows down and valuables out in the open. A cracked window is a open door to a crook and if they can see what they want they will take it. Being a victim of these types of crimes is frustrating not just because you were robbed, but because you knew better. Summer time can leave you vulnerable because of the heat. You don't want to get into a hot car so you leave the windows open. Be aware of what is in your car. Take these simple steps to avoid being a victim.

1 - When you get out of the car, take a quick look in the back seat. If you can see something a crook can to.

2 - Put your stuff in the trunk orin a locked glove box.

3 - Don't leave lighters, or anything that could explode, out in the sun.

4 - Tint your windows, it not only helps with the heat. Tinted windows are harder to look in at night.

5 - Before you get in the car, look in the back seat for hidden people.

6 - Never leave your keys under the seat or in the vehicle.

7 - At night, park under a light.

8 - If you get off work after dark, get to work earlier so you can get a closer parking spot. Being parked way out in the parking lot can be a safety issue.

Always be aware of what could happen later. Life is about the next move, the possibles and the risks later on. Life is not always about what could happen right now, but later. Taken precautions can save you a lot of time and heart ache. Always call someone you can trust and always have someone with you when call for any service.

Be safe, be secure and always lock-up.

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