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The Locksmith Game

The locksmith game of scams. 1- you lock your keys in the car 2- you search for a local locksmith 3- you pick the first one - $19 service call & starting at price 4- they arrive and it is 2 - 3 times what you thought 5- they say you have a high security lock or its too worn out to pick 6- the price just went up again 7- the locksmith you called then pressures you to pay 8- you have now wasted MORE time and feel you have no choice or time to call someone else and agree to pay 9- Now they say they only take cash 10- more time wasted going to ATM

ALWAYS GET A REAL QUOTE over the phone for a lockout. Any legal locksmith knows cars and locks and can give a quote over the phone. You always have a choice and chances are we are not very far away and can be there quickly. Always sign a receipt BEFORE work starts. Dont be fooled by scare tactics by them threatening to call police to collect service call. Look for ID and Bus. cards and always deal with a real local Locksmith. Call Lock Monkeys for help, even if you have another locksmith at you location, we can give you advice. Lock Monkeys is a Fort Mill Locksmith Company and Rock Hill Locksmith Service. To save time you can always call us at anytime at 803-636-6337

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