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Avoid Being Scammed Update

A lot of issues have come up the past year about locksmith scams.

  • Misleading, Malicious Ads

  • Locksmiths claiming to be locksmiths and are not

  • Bait and switch scams - giving one price on phone then changing it on location

  • over charging for basic services - telling you they need to DRILL out a lock b/c its a high security lock, then selling you a new one that was not needed.

The List just goes on and on. DON'T get scammed! I know it can be very frustrating to be locked out of something. But, that should not be a reason for a locksmith to OVER CHARGE you. Some locksmiths take advantage of your bad situation because they know you will most likely pay.

The sad reality is "People will believe a inconvenient lie over the truth"

Let me give an example. You locked keys in car or you lost car keys and now need a car key replacement, you look on your phone for a local locksmith. You call the FIRST number you see. They tell you its going to be $19 service fee and the price "STARTS AT" $29. You Agree. You then have waited about 20 to 30 mins., only to have a locksmith show up and tell you $100 or $150 to unlock car. You are frustrated, spend the next 15 mins in dispute over cost because you were not told that on phone. You agree to pay because you are now mad, inconvenienced, and have now spent the last 45 mins. to an hour trying to get into the car. WOW!

These ads are misleading, malicious & wrong. You thought you called a real locksmith thats local, only to find out in the end, you called a dispatch company that is foreign owned and ended up ripping you off.

You can avoid being scammed.

  1. Ask questions when you call a locksmith, get a price, not a starting at price. If you feel you were scammed, go by the address they showed online, most addresses don't exist or there is no locksmith there.

  2. Listen to how the locksmith talks to you on the phone, does he sound like he knows what he is talking about, they know cars. Don't settle for "well, we have to see what its going to take to get into car before we give a price." Oh come on! Really! Thats just a sign your going to pay TOO much when he gets there. I give a set price, because I know the cars and trucks and what its going to take to get into car before I get there. And I also work with you. SO you can get my service on your budget. .

Sure some cars are more costly to get into, like, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Semi trucks, some Hummers. Mostly the high end vehicles are more.

Point is, don't get played! It is sad that people get taken advantage of. But, it happens. Mainly because of the frustration of locking yourself out, then having to wait, then getting scammed because you became impatient.

If you locked keys in car, need a car key replacement or need a house rekeyed or business, call a professional. Lock Monkeys Locksmiths have full back ground checks on all locksmiths. We are insured and bonded certified locksmiths. We have locksmiths that specialize in automotive, residential & commercial. Lock Monkeys have a locksmith in Fort Mill - Rock Hill - York & Clover areas. Locally owned and family operated. You may know the locksmith that comes out! most went to school here or have lived here for 20 - 30 years. Call now. Let us help you and save you time and money.

Be safe, be secure & call a professional.

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