Know Who Your Dealing With?

It's more important than ever to know who is coming to your home. Are they licensed? Are they trained? Do they have insurance? Are they local? What are their reviews like?

Knowing all this before hand gives you an edge on not being taken advantage of. As sad as it is... I see this all the time. Don't be a victim! Only you can stop the rip off artists from getting you. So ASK questions! If they tell you a residential lock can not be picked, get a second opinion. Most residential locks can be picked. The exception is Kwikset Smart key, of which I am not a fan of. They are just too many issues with the smart key system.

So, be mindful, be smart and be aware. Call Lock Monkeys Locksmith service and ask questions and educate yourself. Ask for George. Why Pay more? Call and save. Sometimes a problem with your lock is not as bad as you might think it is.

God Bless you and have a blessed day.

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