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Children & Teens With Keys

When it comes to your children & your home, its important to take precautions. Both for the child and residence. With the society we live in today, often, both parents have to work. Which leaves many kids arriving at home alone and with keys to your house. Is this a problem or a future security risk? Yes!

Let me explain;

  • Kids LOOSE the key. They misplace them, the key chain broke, the lanyard broke or was stolen (b/c they don't like waring them)

  • Kids leave the kids visible. They are not mindful of the dangers of a visible key.

  • A visible key can be photographed with a smartphone. Which can then be decoded with a APP. That can help make a copy of that key.

  • Most home invasions or robberies happen from someone that knows what you have, they have been in your home! Friends, friends of friends, ex boyfriends or girlfriends etc, etc.

  • Kids often invite friends over when your not home. If you have a hidden key, they are not mindful when getting that key and reveal the hiding place of the key.

These are just a few examples of the most common issues I come across as a locksmith & a Father myself. How to better secure the problem is easier than you might think. I recommend a simple solution.

  • Make entry for the kids on one specific door.

  • Install or have installed, an electric keypad deadbolt. NOT the WIFI version. These can be hacked. Kids are getting smarter and smarter with technology. An electric keypad deadbolt has codes that can be programed in, that are specific for each child. That code can be changed easily and OFTEN. Which I recommend be done monthly. You can never be too secure.

  • Install entry camera. That way you know who your kids are bringing home. Since they don't have keys to other doors... they have to use the chosen entry, which in turn shows who they let in. Double keyed deadbolts can be used on other doors so they cant open them, letting someone in you did not know about.

  • Have them call or text you when they arrive home.

  • If they forget code, have them call you or text you, so you can give them the code. This is great because, you don't have to leave work to let them in & you know they are home and not hanging out somewhere else until you get home.

I love electric deadbolts for homes with kids. They can save you time and money. You always have a way to let someone in. You can have MANY codes for different people; kids, family, cleaning people, dog sitters, etc, etc. And best of all, if you have programmed a code for each person, you can delete or change that code anytime.

I have had some people say it is a overkill to do kids this way. I think not. As a local locksmith, I have seen the things that have caused home invasions, can cause home invasions and what has cost money in situations that could have been avoided. In this day and age, it's not easy being a parent. Parents worry about a lot. Taking precautions is a MUST and can be stressful. But, it can be less stressful when you know you have taken the right steps to being better secured and safe.

Call a Lock Monkey Locksmith Security Specialist today. We can help make your home and life a little more secure with easy solutions. Our locksmiths are insured – bonded – and have had FULL background checks. We are family owned and operated. Best of all, we are local real locksmiths that take the call personally, not a call center or some company out of state or country.

Be blessed, be safe and lock those deadbolts.

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