Can Cold Weather Cause Lock Failure?

May 1, 2013

   Yes! Did you know a lock can freeze up in the winter? Thats right, they can. Frozen locks can happen and do, this can happen to new and old locks. Because locks are made out of metal and the pins in the lock are metal as well as the springs. If you have ever squirted any WD40 or lube in the lock, it can still happen. WD40 is known for the oil to separate in the weather. This can cause the locks to gum up and stop working. Calling a SC Local Locksmith like Lock Monkeys Locksmith Service, can check your locks properly service the lock and repair or install new locks and deadbolts if needed.

Not checking, or having your locks checked can result in being locked out of house, or even Car locks can gum up or stop working causing you to be locked out of car. There are a few things you can do to maintain proper working locks.

  • Call a Lock Monkey SC Locksmith Service

  • Look at how worn your key is. * It should look like sharp cuts not rounded edges.

  • Check if lock hangs up or catches key when inserted and removed. If it does, use proper lube as needed.

  • Is the deadbolt hard to turn? Your deadbolt should work smoothly, not hard to turn or turns and then gets harder to turn as you turn it.

  • NEVER have a thumb turn deadbolt near a window. If you do Replace it. This is a open door to a burglar.

  • Knobs should not wiggle a lot or move up and down or side to side. Check Screws and tighten if loose. If its still loose, replace or call a locksmith.

  • Make sure the deadbolt latch is going into door frame all the way. Often when the lock starts to get too worn, the deadbolt can feel like it is going in, yet only goes in a little.

  • Doorknobs are for convenience, deadbolts are for security! So make sure they are always used.And working.

  • Have a Lock Monkey Locksmith check your locks at least twice a year.

  • Always have a extra key. Lock Monkeys can make keys for you. We can even make all your locks fit 1 key.


I hope this helps and hope you stay safe and secure.

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